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  • 📎 Poor Performance | Bad Coil | 1991 BMW 325i
  • 📝  Poor Performance Under Load | Bad Coil | 2014 Mini Cooper
    • Would run fine in all rpm/speed modes; except when cruising at a higher speed, say 50mph, and then suddenly pressing the accelerator, it would start misfiring. New coil fixed the problem.
    • Why would it misfire only under those conditions? I didn’t bother checking the spark on that cylinder, but generally speaking blue spark is strong and red/yellow spark is weak. Compression, temperature, and high amount of fuel can resist the spark ignition (jumping between electrodes). I think in my case under load computer has been adding more fuel which in turn resisted the spark to the point of dead misfire.

Fuel Trims

  • You can’t exactly add the Lambda Control to Additive or Multiplicative because mathematically it won’t add up exactly.
  • Global OBDII fuel trim values won’t react the same way as other non-European cars.
  • Adaptation Values Explained
    • Additive is LTFT at idle
    • Multiplicative is a LTFT at part load
    • Lambda Control is STFT
  • Multiplicative mixture Adaptation (higher rpm)
    • greater than 8% = lean
    • less than 8% = rich
      • The negative multiplicative fuel trim reading of -4.48% means it is rich and subtracting fuel at part throttle.
  • Additive Mixture Adaptation (idle, lower rpm)
    • Measurements: ms or mg/stroke
    • greater than 0.2ms = LEAN, adding fuel
    • less than -0.2ms = RICH, subtracting fuel
    • The .68 mg/stroke means it is adding fuel at idle.


Fuel Delivery

📝 Injector Programming | 2010 BMW 335d
  • For piezo injectors, the seven digit adjustment value (#1 on pic) must be stored in the DDE after replacement of an injector.




📝 Wastegate Adjustment | 2013 BMW 328i (F30)
  • The customer has brought a car with a broken wastegate. DME had the following codes
    • 123401 Electric wastegate, learning limit stop: fault
    • 123431 Electric wastegate, learning limit stop: stop position (wastegate open) outside tolerance
    • 123432 Electric wastegate, learning limit stop: stop position (wastegate closed) outside tolerance
  • After replacing the wastegate, codes remained. Needed to perform Wastegate Adjustment procedure.
    • BMW Scanner ➱ Service Functions ➱ Wastegate Adjustment.
    • If wastegate needs a little manual adjustment, the procedure will direct you regarding how far and in which direction it needs to be corrected.
    • 📎 Wastegate Replacement | BMW F30




  • How to switch to neutral
    • BMW E70
  • If Transmission Control Module (EGS) or CAS (Immobilizer) are swapped, need to perform ISN matching.
    • Read more in Immobilizer ➱ BMW ➱ Changing ISN in the EGS
  • Mini Cooper
    • Requires “Transmission Relearn”


4WD | AWD | Transfer Case | Differential

📎 5463 VTG Mechanism | Bad VTG Motor | E53 | 2006’ X5
  • VTG: 5463 VTG mechanism faulty
📎 VTG Codes | 2015 BMW 320xi (F30)
  • Had abs, traction, and brake lights on
    • VTG codes
      • 440115 Transfer Box (VTG): calibration angle deviation outside tolerance
      • 44011B Transfer Box (VTG): Torque delivered outside torque characteristic
    • ABS codes
      • 480682 Transfer Box: Fault, clutch position unknown
      • 48097D Transfer Box: Fault, clutch position known, no four wheel drive
      • D36D44 Transfer Box: Signal (longitudinal torque distribution, front axle/rear axle, 19.3.4) invalid, transmitter VTG
  • Replaced transfer case. Only traction light remained. No VTG codes. ABS code was same/similar to
    • 48097D Transfer Box: Fault, clutch position known, no four wheel drive
  • Reprogrammed/Coded VTG. Codes and light went away.



ABS | Traction Control

  • On 2006 E90 no programming was required after ABS replacement, just coding and sensors calibrations
  • Note on ISTA-P
    • Replaced DSC, launched ISTA-P, didn’t say that control modules were replaced, tried programming, but it kept giving me “replace following modules” window.
    • Then, disconnected DSC, and ran through the same process. Couldn’t select DSC, was grayed out,  so I connected DSC back and let ISTA select it for replacement again.
    • After that it was able to follow through with a measures plan without being stuck on replacing step.
DSC Valves Adjustment
  • Service Functions ➱ DSC Valves Adjustment
  • Might be needed after different DSC Module has been installed and programmed.
    • Fixes 5DD0 and 5DD2 codes – DSC: Hydraulic unit: adjustment, DSC unit.
  • Important. Make sure brake switch is not on, otherwise adjustment will not proceed.
Steering Angle Sensor (LEW, LWS)
  • Might need DSC coding before adjustment
📝 5F0E Steering Angle | Bad Yaw Rate Sensor | 2005 BMW X3
  • 4×4 light on. ABS Module: 5E0E Steering Angle Sensor: Adjustment.
  • Adjustment didn’t help. Sensor worked perfectly though.
  • The problem was with DSC/YAW Rate sensor. Needed replacement.
  • No need to calibrate it.
  • Previously Live Data showed a steady 0 for DSC/Yaw rate sensors.
  • After replacement, values were fluctuating close to 0 degrees.
📝 Steering Angle Replacement | 2008 BMW X3 E83
  • After replacement car might have these codes
    • LWS ➱ 00000B LWS, Sensor/ vehicle allocation incorrect or not available
    • ABS ➱ 006E3D DSC, LWS (Steering Angle Sensor), internal
  • LWS needs both Coding AND Calibration,
    • after which everything starts working and lights turn off.


📝 SZL Replacement | 2008 X5 E70
  • Encoding DSC encodes SZL automatically. There is no separate option to program/encode SZL (from 12/2004).


Power Steering

📎 Used EPS Programming | 2015 BMW 328i
  • Dealer said that there is a high chance that they will not be able to program used EPS.
  • In this case, Autohex had no problem programming a used EPS.



📎 Active Steering DTC 6136 | Bad Active Steering Module/Short Wiring | BMW 650 (E63)
  • 6136 AL: Motor Position Sensor: fault, sensor supply. Active Steering Module was replaced. Had a short of 5V supply (WHT/RED) with ground (WHT/GRN) at right front wheel well harness.




  • TPMS Info
  • F30 TPMS Info
  • 📝 481F83 | TMPS Sensor | 2017 BMW X3 (F25)
    • 481F83 wheel electronics, unknown general wheel position
    • One of the TPMS sensors have failed




ECM & Immobilizer Programming

Read more ➱ Immobilizer


Battery | Charging

BMW Battery Registration




Power Door Locks | Tailgate | Sliding Doors | Convertible Top

📎 Tailgate Not Working | BMW
  • HKL = Trunk Lid Module
  • If no codes, try resetting module and initializing trunk lid.
  • If replaced, needs to be programmed and coded, even if there are no errors stored.
    • Don’t select “Replaced” in ISTA-P, just “Program” and “Code”.
  • Convertible Top | BMW E46
  • Convertible Top | BMW E36


Windows, Sunroof

Sunroof Moonroof Coding Out | BMW E70
  • Autohex ➱ FA Manager ➱ Remove $402 Panoramic Glass Sunroof from FA
  • Re-enter Coding/Programming menu from main menu (not Programming/Coding Menu) to calculate correct FA.
  • Code FZD: Roof function Centre.
    • Sunroof button will stop working. Warning message will disappear.



  • Rear Wiper Might Not Work if:
    • Tailgate is Open
      • Trunk Open dash light wasn’t on, but scanner showed that it was open.
        • Rear Wiper could be actuated from the Junction Block, but not using wiper switch. (2011 Mini Cooper)
    • There is no change in reset switch (inside wiper motor) signal after 16 seconds of wiper switch operation.


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