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📝 P0116 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor | Disconnected Active Grill | 2019 Lincoln MKC
  • Car had a missing active grill shutter and an ambient temperature sensor.
    • P0116 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit Range/ Performance (consequential) 
    • P0217 Engine Coolant Overtemperature Condition (consequential) 
    • P0073 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit A High
    • U0284 Lost Communication with Active Grille Air Shutter Module A
  • P0116 and P0217 also disappeared after active grill shutter and temperature sensor have been installed.
  • 📎 Cranking with No Start. Bad Coil Wiring. 1999 Ford Escort
Fuel Trims
📎 No Start | Shorted O2 Sensor | 15′ Focus 2.0 GDI
  • Car failed to start (almost started), but felt like it lacked fuel. After the front O2 has been disconnected, started right up.
  • Ford BP/MAP sensors (barometric pressure/manifold absolute pressure) also measure load but produce a digital frequency signal rather than an analog voltage signal. This type of sensor has additional circuitry that creates a 5 volt “square wave” (on-off) voltage signal. The signal increases in frequency as vacuum drops.
  • At idle or when decelerating, vacuum is high and the BP/MAP sensor output may drop to 100 Hz (Hertz, or cycles per second) or less. At wide open throttle when there is almost no vacuum in the intake manifold, the sensor’s output may jump to 150 Hz or higher. At zero vacuum (atmospheric pressure), a Ford BP/MAP sensor should read 159 Hz.
Fuel Delivery


  • 📝 P0340 | Incorrect Timing | 2017 Ford Cmax
    • P0340 – Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit
    • Note. If timing is even a little incorrect, it will trigger this code.
    • Description doesn’t mention timing issues.







ABS | Traction Control

📝 B2900 Vin Mismatch | 2006 Ford F350 6.0L Diesel
  • Had a used ECM with a different VIN installed. B2900 appeared in ABS Module.
  • Couldn’t find “As Built” option to reprogram ABS VIN.
  • When reprogramming ABS, it doesn’t ask for a VIN.
    • Reprograms fine, but VIN doesn’t change.
    • Reprogrammed ECM with correct VIN, and ABS light turned off.
  • Tip (to try next time)
    • Disconnect the ABS,
    • RESTART the IDS and choose NEW session, don’t reuse the old one.
    • Run PMI again and when it says install new module plug in the “new” used ABS.
    • Then just follow the directions.
📝 B2900 Vin Mismatch, U3000 in ABS | FJDS Programming | 2018 Ford F350 6.7L Diesel
  • ABS module #1 same part number as original, had U3000 code and VIN Mismatch. After programming VIN (with Autel) and IVD Calibration U3000 remained.
  • ABS module #2 had slightly different part number, no U3000 codes, just a VIN mismatch and sensor calibration. After programming with Autel, it showed a new code about incompatibility of software. AllData says to redo PMI procedure. Tried programming with subscription, code remained.
  • ABS module #3 had same part number as original, codes about VIN mismatch and sensor calibration.  After programming with Autel, it showed code about incompatibility of software. But when we programmed it with subscription software, code disappeared.
    • I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but ABS module was held in upright position while some other times it was not.
📝 B2900 Vin Mismatch | FORScan | 2018 Explorer, 2011 Fiesta
  • VIN was changed using FORScan As Build.
  • Replacing just the module without the pump created code for hydraulic pressure unit.
📝 B2900 Vin Mismatch, C1998 Module Calibration Incomplete | As Built + IVD Init | 2005 Expedition
  • B2900, PMI (IDS v105), typing As Built manually.
  • Afterwards, no B2900, but C1998 Module Calibration Incomplete.
  • Had to do “IVD Initialization through” Special Menu.
    • Note: it won’t do initialization if on the vehicle identification stage, you will select no advanced traction option. Restart vehicle identification from scratch to be able to complete IVD initialization.



  • 📎 Air Spring Solenoid Bypass | 2011 Ford Expedition
    • Installed aftermarket regular springs.
      • OEM had rear air suspension with an electrical solenoid built-in.
      • Aftermarket spring don’t have a solenoid.
    • VDM had codes about air springs solenoids.
    • Placed 6Ω / 50W resistor in each spring’s connector to bypass.
    • No more codes





ECM & Immobilizer Programming

Read more ➱ Immobilizer



Airbag System 

  • Brand New SRS Module Programming
    • Autel ➱ PMI ➱ As-Build Data
    • Afterwards do ABS sensor initialization (2017 Transit 150)
  • U3000-4A Control Module
    • One of these has been replaced: RCM, PCM, ABS, OCSM. Needs to be configured or replaced with correct part number.
  • B00A0-4A Occupant Classification System
    • Sub-code 4A indicates the airbag module has detected an incorrect OCS module is installed
  • B2477 Module Configuration Failure
    • 2003 Ford Focus. Had B2477 and B2234 (Drivers front side airbag igniter circuit 2 resistance too low) codes. Turned out to have shorted wires for steering wheel airbag, at the clock-spring connector. Repair fixed both codes.
    • Ford Focus. Buckle pretensioner was bypassed with resistor without capacitor. Note, never bypass airbag components, unless for testing purposes.
  • OCS: U3000:54 Control Module
    •  Might need recalibration (2015 Transit, 2020 EcoSport)
  • 📝 Alarm Issue | 2010 Ford Escape 2.5L (iatn link)
    • 🤔  In my 10+ years of dealing with hundreds of post-collision Fords, I’ve never encountered the following problem.
    • Very intermittently upon keying up the vehicle the horn would sound and park lights would flash. Would continue about 3 minutes or until key fob unlock was pressed. If vehicle was started alarm would continue to go off. It did not matter if car was properly unlocked with fob before starting vehicle or not. Very intermittent, one out of every 20ish key cycles.
    • Service information shows the vehicle has no alarm system from the factory.
    • No aftermarket accessories installed.
    • Scanner showed no codes.
      • Scan data reveals SJB (body module) during alarm event is triggering horn to sound on and off.
    • Ford engineer instructed to replace the RCM (airbag module) as the vehicle must have been in a crash. There were no codes or data to indicate this but regardless this was the case.
    • New RCM fixed the issue.



Radio & Navigation

📎 Blank Screen | Bad APIM | 2011 Ford Explorer
  • Bad Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM)
  • Common problem on Fords
📝 Ford Sync  Navigation Upgrade


  • APIM Sync 3 module that comes with the option for navigation system and without it are different on the l;evel of hardware  (memory chip is larger with the navigation suppported APIM).
    • You can unlock navigation menu in APIM As Build options, but if APIM hardware doesn’t support navigation, it will say “Navigation System Fault”.
    • Maps are updated using USB (Ford Website) or Wifi.
  • APIM Sync 2 navigation upgrade instructions.

Battery | Charging



📝 B14E7, DRL Light Not Working | Initialization | 2018 Lincoln  MKX
  • After replacing headlight and DRL light, DRL light (lower bumper) didn’t work.
    • BCM had code  B14E7:55 Right Front Enhanced Exterior Lighting System: Not Configured.
  • Go to Service ➱ Electrical ➱ Service Functions ➱ LIN New Module Initialization.
  • Done.


📝 Can’t clear lights DTCs from BCM | Ford F-series
  • Can’t clear lights fault codes from the BCM
    • Was able to clear them from the TPMS module instead of BCM (?)



Trailer Brake Assist


📝 Enable Trailer Brake Assist | 2016 Ford F150
  • You can enable it through FORScan ➱ IPC ➱ IPC Module Configuration ➱
    • “Trailer Brake Control Module” set to enabled
    • “Trailer Brake Control Gain Setting” set to enabled


Driving Assistance Systems

📝 Front Camera Initialization | 2014 Ford F150
  • Background: The car had originally front and rear cameras. The front camera has gone missing. The customer bought another camera from the dealer. After the front camera has been replaced, when the car was put in reverse, it would show a front camera view instead of a rear camera view.
  • Initialization
    • Go to ➱ Instrument Cluster ➱ Settings ➱ Truck Apps ➱ Front Camera ➱ Make sure it’s “Enabled”
    • IDS ➱ Service ➱ LIN Network Initialization.
      • This should initialize a new camera device.
  • After initialization, to see the front camera
    1. Start the car.
    2. Lock the rear differential by pulling the transfer case switch out.
    3. Select 4Low.
    4. Put the transmission in Drive.
📝 Front Radar
  • U0300 | Cruise Control Module | 2013 Ford Explorer
    • C-CM (Cruise Control Module)
      • U0300  – Internal Control Module Software Incompatibility
      • This means that the radar is not aligned.
    • Align it vertically using the adjustment screw, and start calibration procedure.
      • Note, Autel didn’t work. FORScan did.
📝 Blind Spot Module Replacement (used)
  • VIN can be programmed using FORScan.
    • Tried on  [ 2018, 2019 Ford F150 | 2021 Ford Escape | 2017 Explorer …]
  • Note, on 2017 F150 VIN in a used module couldn’t be reprogrammed using IDS subscription software.

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