Throttle Body

📎 No Acceleration, P2102 P2111 Throttle Valve | Blocked Throttle Plate | 2014 Mercedes CLS 250




  • Need SCN coding to program new TCM/Valve Body/ Electric Plate.
    When the new electrics plate /control unit/valve body is fitted to the transmission you must carry out the full initial start up process straight away. If the vehicle is started and driven without the initial start up process fully completed, the vehicle will start and drive in emergency mode only. The control unit will be locked out, and it will not be possible to complete initial start up of the electric plate/valve body/ ECU. THIS WILL RENDER THE CONTROL UNIT UNSERVICEABLE.
  • 📚 Electric Plate ECU Replacement | Mercedes


4WD | AWD | Transfer Case | Differential







TPMS Deactivation
  • Star ➱ Instrument Cluster ➱ Variant coding ➱  RDC
  • Set everything to “NOT PRESENT” (05′ S430, 04’ SL, 03’ SLK …).




ECM & Immobilizer Programming


Start Error

  • Sprinter. Common problem. Need to sync ECM, Immo box, and the keys.
📎 Start Error | 2001 Mercedes Class A CDI 170
  • DAS –> CDI ➱  Read and Change Coding ➱ read identification-see VIN,
  • Click on Transfer Coding. After this start error might disappear from the dash.
  • Start the car ➱  leave running for 10 sec ➱  stop engine
  • Star will ask you if you want to lock this module ➱  click yes. Done (DK)




Airbag System 

  • Airbag Module Unlock, VIN change
    • W220
      • DAS ➱ Airbag ➱ Developer Mode
      • Change
        • Entriegelung Stufe 1(FN_Unlock_ARMIN_0_To_1)
        • Entriegelung Stufe 2(FN_Unlock_ARMIN_1_To_2)
        • Entriegeln(FN_Write_Open)
          • Photos are stored on Google Drive
      • Then perform Initial Start-up
    • W230
      • Performed Initial Start-up
  • Occupancy Mat Coding Out
    • DAS ➱ SRS ➱ Developer Mode ➱ Variant Coding ➱ change AKZE to OFF
    • Disconnect the yellow AKZE connector under the passenger seat, otherwise there will be a code stored in the SRS unit complaining about extra equipment that hasn’t been coded.
  • 📝 No Start | Crash Signal Crash Signal | 2015 Mercedes C350
    • Xentry  ➱ Engine ECU  ➱ Adaptations  ➱ “start disabled due to crash event”
    • This will lift the lock … you may get an error saying it hasn’t completed, ignore it as it has done it (DK)



Radio & Navigation

📎 No Sound | Bad MOST Transmitter | W163 (2004 ML 350 …)


Tele Aid Deactivation
  • DAS ➱ Instrument Cluster  ➱ control unit adaptations ➱ Variant Coding (2005 Mercedes SL500, 2003 SL55…)



📎 Programming Headlamp LED Module | 2013 Mercedes ML350 …
  • Left headlamp was replaced. The LED module needs to be initialized using Xentry.
  • Go to LED Module left ➱  Initialization ➱ Enter a headlamp coding string that starts with B: xxxxxxxx (8 letters, can’t be seen without removing headlight).
    • If Xentry complains about string, use TSB for correct string that matches your faulty one (link)





Windows, Sunroof

📎 Pass. Door Controls Inop. | 2000 Mercedes S500
  • Nothing works on the front passengers side: power windows, powers seats, mirrors…
  • Common issue is DCM (door control module).
  • After replacement no reprogramming is needed.


Driver Assistance | ADAS


Parking Assistance

📝 Parktronic Diagnosis | Faulty Parking Sensor | 2012 Mercedes GL 450
  • A client has bought a few aftermarket front sensors from the ebay to fix the parktronic system malfunction messages.
    Front bumper has 6 sensors for parktronic.
    Star Diagnosis showed that 3 sensors on the right side of the bumper have faulty communication.
    When we unplugged one of those, scanner showed a different code about connector disconnected on that sensor.
    When we swapped known good sensor from the left side with the one that showed a trouble code, DTC for that suspected sensor also followed to the left side, leaving only 2 DTCs for the right side sensors.
    At this point we suspected that all 3 ebay sensors were bad.
    But here is something that I learned that I didn’t expect:
    Customer still had original sensors for the right side that he originally thought needed replacement, because the right side of the bumper was damaged. Now, we decided to try and put original sensors back in place of ebay ones. After swapping 2 of them, 3 DTC’s still remained.
    But when we swapped the last one, even with having those 2 ebay sensors connected back, all 3 codes disappeared.
    Looks like even one faulty sensor can trigger “false” codes for the other sensors as well.


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