• 🩺 Misfire [at idle], P0302 Cyl. #2 | Valve Clearance | 2012 Subaru
  • 📝 No Start | Bad ECM | 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.2L
    • Ignition testing revealed constant spark on all spark plugs with just the ignition ON!
    • Cam and crank signals were present only with the engine cranking and absent with ignition ON.
    • Power and ground to the PCM checked out to be good.
    • Injectors were constantly switched on with ignition ON.
    • New PCM fixed the problem. Old PCM didn’t have any sign of circuit damage.
Delivery (Test) Mode


  • 📝 Misfire, P0016 | Bad VVT Solenoid | 11′ Subaru Outback
    • P0016. Car ran very roughly with multiple misfires. Short fuel trim for one of the banks (don’t remember which one) went +30%, another was -30%. One O2 was very rich and another was very lean, with no fluctuations. VVT advance for Bank 1 in DATA was 44 degrees, with OCV Duty Bank 1 (command for VVT) 0%. VVT advance for Bank 2 in DATA was 0 degrees, with OCV Duty Bank 2 (command for VVT) 0%. After swapping VVT solenoid, a problem appeared on the different side. Turns out,  VVT solenoid for Bank 1 was a little bent and thus was stuck open.
  • 📝 P0017 | Incorrect Timing | 2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0L
    • P0017 Crankshaft/Camshaft ‘B’ System Correlation Bank 1. RH Exhaust VVT (bottom RH side of engine) was 8 degrees advanced on a scanner with ~10% duty cycle. LH Exhaust VVT was 0 degrees with ~10% duty cycle. Disconnecting VVT solenoid gave different code. Eliminated wiring issues. Turned out that exhaust camshaft RH was 1 tooth off.



  • Shifter can be moved into “Drive” position, but cannot be moved back pass “Neutral”
    • No signal from ABS unit (e.g. 13′ Subaru Crosstrek)
  • Shifter can not be moved out of “Park”
    • Shifter knob is not fully settled down in the right position

4WD | AWD | Transfer Case | Differential



ABS | Traction Control

📝 C1511 Valve Relay  | Bad ABS Actuator | 2012 Subaru Impreza, BRZ
  • ABS had a code C1511 Valve Relay. After testing powers and grounds, we condemned the ABS Module.
  • Tried to install a used ABS module, with all the part numbers matching, but couldn’t program it to the car.
    • Only a brand new ABS Module from the dealer we were able to program.
📝 C0074, C0264 | Pressure Sensor Calibration | 2010 Subaru Outback
  • C0074 Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Output
    • C0264 (VDC Communication System) DTC in Parking Brake ECU.
  •  2010 Subaru Legacy/Outback have TSB on this code
  • Go to ABS/VDC ➱ Function Check Sequence
  • Press [CNTRL] + [ALT] + [V] at the same time.
  • Zero  setting mode of Pressure Sensor menu item will appear.
  • Go through instructions.
  • Done


📝 C1711 Steering Angle Sensor | SAS Adjustment Tip | 2018 Subaru Crosstrek]
  • Steering angle data was at ~20 degrees when centered.
  • When I went to ABS ➱ Work Support ➱ VDC Centering Mode, setting steering wheel at center didn’t allow calibration to go through, produced out of boundaries error.
  • I had to steer from where sensor showed 0 degrees few degrees closer to the physical center of the steering wheel. After few repetitions, I was at the center and calibration did go through.


📝 C0071 Steering Angle Sensor Malfunction | Reflash + Calibration | Subaru, Toyota, Lexus
  • PID shows constant 00 (or 7190), while turning. Calibration said “unsuccessful, misaligned”
  • How to Fix:
    • Put steering wheels straight.
    • Disassemble steering angle position sensor.
    • Mark the location of both gears!
    • Load a good dump into the EEPROM (93C66, 24C02, etc.)
    • Put everything back.
    • Steering Angle PID should start responding now.
      • Slowly determine which way to turn towards center, 0 degrees.
        • E.g., if scanner showed -719 degrees, turn SAS counter-clockwise twice until it reaches 0.
    • If PID stuck again because it was out of bounds, turn ignition off and turn SAS one turn to the left (if was stuck on positive number), then turn ignition ON.
    • When shows 0 degrees, perform calibration again.


📝 Hill Start Assist Activation/ Deactivation | 2015 Subaru Crosstrek, 2015 Forester
  • If Hill-Start Assist light is on and ABS has no codes, Hill-Start Assist System might be deactivated.
  • Try re-activating Hill-Start Assist again.
    • Activation/Deactivation Procedure (2015 Subaru Crosstrek, 2015 Forester, 2017 WRX …)
      • Set parking brake.
      • Restart the engine.
        • Only brake light should be illuminated.
      • Press VDC OFF button (VDC light will illuminate) and hold it until VDC OFF light turns off (~30sec)
      • Within 5 seconds after it turned off, release the switch.
      • Within 2 seconds of releasing the switch, press it again.
      • Hill-Start Assist should be re-activated. Cycle the ignition.







ECM & Immobilizer Programming

Read more ➱ Immobilizer



Airbag System 

  •  📝 C1000 SRS Code | Occupancy Calibation | 2019 Subaru Ascent
    • C1000 undefined code.
      • Read it with Autel and SSMIV. But when I read it with autoenginuity, it showed me:
    • B1650 Occupancy Detection Malfunction
    • OCS showed collision detected code.
      • Re-zeroing with SSMIV helped.


Door Locks

  • 📝 Unlocking driver’s door using passive entry is accompanied by 5 annoying beeps | Door Latch Switch | 2015 Subaru Forester
    • If the BCM doesn’t receive latch status feedback (locked/unlocked) when driver opens the door using passive entry (by touching handle), it tries to unlock the door 5 times because BCM doesn’t see that the door got already unlocked from the first try.

Bad/Wrong latch assembly or sensor feedback wiring.

    • Following picture shows that the wrong door latch has been installed on a Touring Forester model. Note the missing pins on the latch side (2 vs 4). The latch is from a lower trim Forester model that doesn’t have Passive Entry system.



Windows, Sunroof

📝 Window Issues | 2010 – 2014 Subaru Outback
  • Window opens fine (without auto function), but closes 1 inch at a time
    1. It might need a reset/ initialization
    2. Loose connection at the master switch
      • Had a couple of cars with the terminals from the master switch connector being too loose. Had to re-tighten them.
    3. Wrong combination
      • (1) Wrong switch or (2) Wrong motor
      • Only right combination will work. One time I had to try out about 4 combination before it worked.
    4. Sometimes, after a lot of playing around, it starts working for no apparent reason.


Driver Assistance | ADAS

📝 Lane Departure Light is On | Subaru
  • If no codes, press switch for 3 seconds.
📝 B28BA Misalignment | Active Lane Calibration | 2018 Subaru Forester
  • B28BA Steering angle and stereo camera correlation misaligned
  • SSMIV ➱ Eyesight ➱ Work Support ➱ Clear Active Lane Keep System Learning Value.
📝 B2803  | Eye Sight Calibrating | 2014 Subaru Outback
  • Only was able to diagnose it with SSMIII, not Autel.
  • EyeSight Module had B2803 EPB Abnormal
    • Live Data ➱ ‘EPB operating permission flag 1’
    • With B2803 stored it displayed ‘OFF’, but after calibration – ‘Allowance’.
  • Electronic Parking Brake had no codes.
  • Did “Parameter Initialization Mode”.
    • Needed when replacing EPB Module or EyeSight(?).
    • EyeSight light went off immediately.
    • Brake light started blinking (was off before).
    • Performed “Force Sensor Calibration Mode”.
    • Brake light went off.
📝 No codes, but Blind Spot doesn’t work | Subaru
  • Blind Spot ➱ Live Data ➱
    • Check SRVD System HALT flag (Normal, Halt)
    • Check SRVD System FAILED flag (Normal, failed)
  • Blind Spot ➱ Cancel Code.
    • Check cancel codes for explanation on the BSM failure.
  • Halt. Temporarily stops when reception of radar sensor waves failed due to
    • (1) some obstacles,
    • (2) when the temperature is not within the range -40 – 85,
    • (3) internal problem (17’ forester)
    • (4) Misalignment. Most likely if vehicle had a rear end collision.



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