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Sliding Doors Not Working 

🚗 2009 Toyota Sienna 

  • Both sliding doors are inoperative from non of the switches.
  • No sliding door chime is heard neither.
  • Main PSD switch when pressing it on/off doesn’t make a difference in sliding door operation.


🩺 Diagnosis

  • Checked for codes.
    • No codes.
  • Using a scanner (active test), tested operation of latch mechanisms, door PSD motors.
    • All good.
  • Live data showed all switches operate properly, including touch sensors, except the Main PSD switch.
    • When the switch is in out position (with orange stripe on the top visible), it enables power function of the sliding doors.
      • Live Data for Main PSD Switch should display “ON”.
    • When the switch is pressed in, it disables automatic operation allowing only a manual sliding door operation.
    • When I pressed on it, it didn’t change a value from OFF to ON. It stayed OFF, disabling automatic function.
  • Bad switch?
    • Main Power SLiding Door (PSD) Switch is a simple latch switch. 
    • Wires for the switch are Pink and Red/Green.
      • Pink wire goes to both the LH Sliding Door ECU and the RH Sliding Door ECU (pin 6, Pink).
      • Red/ Green wire goes only to the RH Sliding Door ECU (pin 5, changes to Red/WHT).  
    • When the switch is pushed in (OFF), pink should have a constant 12V which disables the automatic door function.
    • When the switch is in the out position (ON), pink and red/green wires become connected through the switch, and RH Sliding Door ECU starts duty cycling the circuit with 25Hz 0V-12V square wave signal.
      • Then, both RH and LH Sliding Door ECUs see this square signal as a green light for enabling automatic function.
    • Switch can be jumped with a simple wire for testing purposes.
      • Jumping it didn’t produce a square signal, nor the scanner’s “live data” changed to ON.
    • Checked the continuity between pink and red/green wires of the Main PSD Switch and  pins 5 and 6 of the RH SLiding Door ECU. No problem there.
    • I was ready to condemn the RH Sliding Door ECU, but decided to see what will happen if I apply a 25Hz 0V-12V square wave signal to the pink wire. 
    • For that I used my AutoSim Waveform Generator.
    • I didn’t have 25Hz signal available in my options menu, the closest was 30Hz, but that worked like a charm anyways.
    • Scanner’s live data immediately showed Main PSD Switch as ON, and both sliding doors started working properly.
      • AutoSim waveform generator


Now, I was sure that there are no other issues with the sliding doors’ mechanisms, and told the customer to replace the RH Sliding Door ECU.

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2 years ago

Are you saying that one doors faulty ecu caused both doors to not operate?

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