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Fuel Trim
  • STFT is located in group 033
    • 25% of STFT can be equal to 4% of LTFT when equalized
  • LTFT (Adaptation) is located in group 032
    • Field 1 = Long Term Fuel Trim @ Idle
    • Field 2 = Long Term Fuel Trim @ Partial (under load)
Fuel Delivery






4WD | AWD | Transfer Case | Differential



ABS | Traction Control

📚 ABS Overview | VW

📝 00778 | Steering Angle Calibration | VW]
  • 00778 – Steering Angle Sensor (G85): No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation
    • Go to ABS ➱ Security Access ➱ 40168 ➱ Basic Settings
      • Second field should say OK.
      • If car is not driven a few meters after steering angle sensor replacement, steering angle value will stay at 0 degrees.
      • If steering wheel is not turned lock to lock, there will be a code for steering wheel limits not programmed.
📝 01276 | Corroded Fuse | 2001 VW Beetle
📝 ABS Module Coding/Programming | VW
  • Short Coding
    • Use guides from ross-tech to login and code module.
    • Important: Some module require steering angle programming right away after coding, otherwise coding will be reset in next ignition cycle.
      • Go to login and type login for basic settings/steering angle adaptation. Then go to basic settings and choose appropriate option.
    • If login that you calculated from PR codes doesn’t work, try different brake type number.
      • If it will work for login, you might need to use the same brake type for coding (otherwise it might not accept it).
  • Long Coding



Power Steering





  • Go to ABS ➱ Basic Settings ➱ Group 042
  • Press TPMS button (in glove box) and Traction OFF button simultaneously for 2 seconds
  • After that a short tone will sound
  • Press “Done, Go Back”
Disabling TPMS (🗣)
  • Select ➱ 17-Instruments ➱ Adaptation ➱ Channel 61.
  • Subtract 512 from whatever value you find there.





ECM & Immobilizer Programming

Key Programming

  • 2004 Audi A4. MVP Pro. No need to read pin code manually.


Remote Control Programming

  • VCDS ➱ [46 – Cent. Conv.]  or [35 – Cent. Locking] ➱ Adaptation
  • ➱ Remote Adaptation (channel 01, on some Audi 21)
  • Change 0 to 1 ➱  Test ➱ Save ➱  Press Unlock on the remote.
  • Done.



  • 📎 No Start. Bad Access Start Module. 2005 Audi A6
    • No start, no lights on the dash.
    • Power seats are working.
    • Bad Access Start Module. Very common issue.
    • Faulty POWER Relay #1.
    • Powertrain data bus missing.
  • Audi A4
    • No start, no lights.
    • Jumped Power Relay #1, cleared codes, and all became functional again.




Airbag System 

  • Seat Recognition Programming (11′, 12′ Jetta)
    • SRS: B1022/9445889/036898 – Seat occupied recognition control module: Not Configured
    • Security Access ➱ 20324 (enable basic settings)
    • Basic Settings ➱ Seat occupied recognition serial number ➱ [Go!]
      • For reserved, if asked, try 0.
      • If didn’t put reserved at first try, you might need to start over with  re-entering  login
      • After a result of Finished Correctly appears click [Stop]
    • Basic Settings ➱ Resetting seat occupied recognition ➱ [Go!]
      • After a result of Finished Correctly appears click [Stop]
    •  Clear the codes
      • Note If you get a “Request Sequence Error” when performing the above procedures, try [Coding – 07] the [15 – Airbags] module with the same Coding value it already has. It may give you an error but proceed anyway with the two Basic Settings steps shown above.
  • Buckle Testing | MKIV
    • There are two resistors in the buckle switch: 470 Ohms and 1.1-1.2 kΩ
    • 2 wire type
      • there are 2 pairs of pins at the plug
      • Try using 470 Ohms to emulate buckled state between YEL & BLUE wires
    • 4 wire type
      • one pair is connected and the other is open when the belt is unbuckled
      • one pair is open (GRN & BRN) and the other shows a resistance value (YEL & BLUE) when the belt is buckled
      • the way to do this is to identify which pair is which and insert a resistor across the correct pair
      • Try using 470 Ohms to emulate buckled state between YEL & BLUE wires
  • Seat Position Sensor Waveform | 2012 VW Passat
    • Seat Position Sensor Waveform on 2012 VW Passat





Radio & Navigation

Battery | Charging

VW Battery Registration
Battery Drain




📎 Parking Lights Bypass | 2008 VW Jetta
  • Bypassed parking lights (M1 & M3, inside the headlights) by cutting a power wire from the bumper marker lights and connecting it to M1 & M3.


📎 Turn Signal/DRL Coding | 2010 Audi A6
  • Had codes for M18 and M19 left and right front side turn signal lights.
    • Car had LED DRL strip on the bottom part inside the headlight. It wasn’t working. Turn signals worked fine.
  • Central Electronics -> Coding. It will give you info on how to change it manually.
    • Original coding was 0014103. Changed it to 0019103.
    • 4= Bi-Xenon Headlights w/o Headlight Washer System.
    • 9= Bi-Xenon Headlights with LED-DRL and AFS w/o Headlight Washer System.
  • LED DRL strip started working, and codes for turn signals went away. Nothing about turn signal operation changed.





Power Door Locks | Tailgate | Sliding Doors | Convertible Top

📎 Trunk Opens Half Way | Settings | 2010 Audi Q5
  • Trunk lid opens half way only.
    • Go to 6D Rear Lid Module ➱ Special Functions ➱ Clear All Adaptations
  • If all buttons work except rear outside trunk button,
    • go to the MMI ➱ Car ➱ Setup ➱ Central locking and turn OFF the tailgate lock
    • Now works manually, as well as automatically.


Windows, Sunroof


Driver Assistance | ADAS


Parking Assistance


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