ECM and Immobilizer Programming | Ford, Lincoln, Mercury


ECM Reprogramming


  • 📝 ECM Replacement | 2004 F150 5.4L.
    • Needs 2 keys to reset PATS.
  • 📝 ECM Replacement. FJDS | 2007 F150 diesel
    • Needs FJDS. FORScan doesn’t have that option.
    • Keys can be programmed with XTool. Bypass 10min wait. Use ‘add key’ to avoid being asked to program minimum of 2 keys.
  • 📝 ECM Replacement. FJDS | 2006 Ford F350 6.0L Diesel
    • Installed used ECM.  ABS light said VIN mismatch, ECM had different VIN.
    • FJDS ➱ PMI➱ Asks if VIN is correct, say NO ➱ Type correct VIN ➱ Asks to remove FICM Relay (Fuel Injector Control Module)
    • Programs ECM, FICM, and TCM ➱ Asks to reinstall FICM relay.
    • Done. VIN number reprogrammed.
  • ECM Replacment |FJDS | 2007 Ford Escape
  • ECM Replacment | 2010, 2013 Ford Transit
    • PMI + Parameters Reset.
  • 📝 ECM Replacement | 2014 Ford Transit, 2015 Ford Explorer
    • Installed a used PCM.
    • FS ➱ As Build
    • FS ➱ Relearn Configuration
      • Relearn Configuration reprogrammed VIN also.
    • XTool APP ➱ Ford ➱ Immobilizer ➱  CAN (BCM) ➱ Type 3 ➱ Module Sync
      • Wait 10 min. Done.
  • 📝 ECM Replacement | 2003 Thunderbird
    • Xtool -> Thunderbird -> 2002 -> Module Sync (bypass 10 mins)
    • Afterwards car still didn’t start. Performed “Add a Key”, said failed, but car started.
    • For some reason, didn’t need to change VIN, it was correct.
  • 📝 ECM Replacement. FJDS + Parameters Reset | 2009 Lincoln MKS
    • Xtool, Autel, FORScan don’t have As Built options nor VIN Change option.
  • 📝 ECM Replacement | 2005 Mercury Mariner
    • ECM stores keys. It needs at least 2 different keys to be stored in the ECM to permit start
    • If ECM is new, it doesn’t have any keys stored, so it will need 2 keys to start the vehicle. (It will actually start one time if only one key is added, but will not start again due to not seeing second key).
    • If ECM is used, To program 1 key, perform 10 min “security access” and click on “Program additional keys”.
  • 📝 ECM Replacement | 2017 Ford Escape 2.0L
    • PCM programming required dealer NASTF membership on Parameters Reset.
    • P164D AWD ID Block Corrupted, Not Programmed.
    • After PCM programming, you need to program 4 letter ID code from ACT (Active Torque Coupling) solenoid bar (located at the rear differential). Use special function under powertrain.
ECM Reprogramming Error
  • Stuck A/C relay (2005 F150 V8)
    • ECM IGN power that stays ON with ignition OFF (should be OFF)
    • ABS interferes with reprogramming. Unplug ABS Module and try again.


Original PCM is NOT available
    • Start session with ignition off.
    • It will ask to enter PCM part number ➱ Manual Vehicle Identification
      • If ECM part number is “L3S3 18 881B”, enter “L3S3” in the first box and “B” in the second.
      • Part Number
    • Enter correct VIN.
    • Go to PMI ➱ PCM


BCM Reprogramming
  • 📝 BCM Replacement | 2013 Ford F150
    • Program “As Build” Data
      • Fixes multiple Vehicle Configuration and VIN Mismatch errors in various modules.
      • Copied original As Build data using FORScan and have written it to the used BCM.
    • Program keys
      • using XTool APP I could just add one original key. It didn’t need two keys. When using other key programming tools you might need two keys
    • Perform “Parameters Reset”
    • Might need to do a TPMS Calibration also.


Key Programming Notes

  • 📎 Adding Prox Key. 2013 Ford Focus
    • Place the key is shown on the picture. Other ways it won’t recognize it.

Factory Mode or Transport Mode

  • After BCM reprogramming (or possible other modules too) vehicle might enter into a Transport or Factory Mode. It will show corresponding message on the instrument cluster and will disable vehicles start. Note that with IDS hooked up, the vehicle might always start, but show faults in ABS TCM PCM communication bus.
  • How to turn of Factory Mode  (2012 Ford Focus)
    • Turn ignition on (ENGINE OFF-KOEO),
    • Press the Brake pedal five times
    • Press the Hazard lamp switch two times (ON, OFF) until vehicle instrument cluster indicates that is in Normal mode on the message center.
    • Start engine to ensure all electrical components operate properly.
    • Clear the DTC.
Speed Limiter
  • Autel ➱ Programming ➱ Programmable Parameters ➱  Speed Items
    • (e.g. 18’-19′ Transit Cargo Van)
    • Choices are [65mph, 70mph, 75mph, 77mph, disable].
 Remote Start
Remote Start Settings | 2019 Ranger
  • If remote start doesn’t work, check codes in ECM. If no codes, hood is closed, doors are closed and locked, and remote start still doesn’t work, check settings.
  • Instrument Cluster ➱ Settings ➱ Vehicle ➱ Remote Start ➱ System (make sure its checked).
    • If this  menu is not changable, try to delete MyKey first.
    • This might allow access to change vehicle settings like this.




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