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C0071 Steering Angle Sensor Malfunction

Subaru, Toyota, Lexus

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When the steering wheel angle goes beyond acceptable range of values, SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) will set a DTC. This usually happens after repair on the steering components.

  • Try setting SAS to 0 degrees if it was misaligned (and you remeber which way and how many turns you need to make)  and try to calibrate it with a scanner.
  • If it doesn’t calibrate, the following procedure can be performed in an attempt to unlock SAS’s functionality.
  • If this procedure will not work, replace the sensor.



Steering angle PID shows constant 00 (or 7190), while turning. Calibration says “unsuccessful, misaligned”

How to Fix
  • Put steering wheels straight.
  • Disassemble steering angle position sensor.
  • Mark the location of both gears!
  • Load a good dump into the EEPROM (93C66, 24C02, etc.)
  • Put everything back.
  • Steering Angle PID should start responding now.
    • Slowly determine which way to turn towards center, 0 degrees.
      • E.g., if scanner showed -719 degrees, turn SAS counter-clockwise twice until it reaches 0.
  • If PID stuck again because it was out of bounds, turn ignition off and turn SAS one turn to the left (if was stuck on positive number), then turn ignition ON.
  • When shows 0 degrees, perform calibration again.


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