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Hill Start Assist Activation/ Deactivation

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If Hill-Start Assist light is on and ABS module has no codes, Hill-Start Assist System might be deactivated.

Try re-activating Hill-Start Assist again.


Activation/Deactivation Procedure

2015 Subaru Crosstrek, 2015 Forester, 2017 WRX, etc…

  • Set parking brake.
  • Restart the engine.
    • Only brake light should be illuminated.
  • Press VDC OFF button (VDC light will illuminate) and hold it until VDC OFF light turns off (~30sec)
  • Within 5 seconds after it turned off, release the switch.
  • Within 2 seconds of releasing the switch, press it again.
  • Hill-Start Assist should be re-activated. Cycle the ignition.



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