What is a  Delivery (Test) Mode on Subaru?



Normally, as a driver, you don’t need to worry about delivery mode (test mode) on Subaru vehicle. It’s usually required for a very few diagnostic procedures.


What is Test Mode Used For?

  • Flashing ECM (some)
    • 📝 Some Subaru, for programming, besides green test connector also require additional nearby diagnostic connector to be connected for a successful reflashing, otherwise it might throw an error “rewrite voltage too low”.
  • Writing VIN into a brand new ECM
    • If you don’t put a delivery fuse in, write function might fail. (e.g. 16 Subaru Sti)
  • Testing EVAP System (e.g. 2000 Forester)
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How do I know if my Subaru is in Test Mode?

  • Fans cycle on/off repeatedly
  • Fuel Pump cycles on/off repeatedly
  • Check Engine Light flashes
    • ECM might have no stored/present codes or,
    • ECM might weird codes
  • Cruise Control Light flashes
  • Relays are clicking


Test Mode Connector/Fuse Locations

  • Delivery (Test) Mode Fuse
    • Under-hood Fuse Block (e.g.  14′  Subaru  Crostrek, 16′  Subaru  Sti, etc.)
    • Under-hood Fuse Block (e.g.  19′  Subaru  Outback, etc.)
  • Delivery (Test) Mode Connector (green)
    • Left Side of Dash (e.g. 07′ Subaru Outback)
    • Under passenger front portion of carpet, near the ECM
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