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General Notes

IDPro List (shows what older Toyotas need ecu virginizing)

4C Transponder
H Chip
  • If the vin number begins with 1, 4 or 5 can be programmed with Techstream, but you need convert the seed code (link).
  • 📝 With aftermarket mechanical keys, key programming works fine, but remote frequently cannot be programmed.
  • 📝 B2795 Unmatched key code | Bad Key Amplifier | 2008 Toyota Rav4
📎 2008 Toyota Auris Smart Key (DK)
  • Read the smart dump, but do not do anything else, as it will complicate the matter.
    • Some people try to add key directly via OBD which is not possible and that car might not start again without replacing parts.
    • Read pages from the new smart key.
  • Another option:
    • Read smart ecu and id code ecu and post both dumps.
    • First, read smart ecu, easy to access, is usually behind the glove box.
  • ESL became corrupted. Guy couldn’t turn ignition on.

🩺 Immobilizer Issue (B2796, B2797, B2799) | Bad Immo Box | 2001 Lexus LS430


Key Programming

I. If keys are stored in the ECM

  • Procedure for programming keys with swapped ECU.
  • If immo light is blinking, the key is not accepted.
  • AVDI ➱  Toyota ➱  Transponder Tool ➱  Transponder By Dump.
    • Program generated dump into ECM. (1999 Corolla, 1999-2002 4Runner)
      • Note: Tried to virginize ECM dump (93C56) using “Special Functions ➱  Dump Tool”, and to program transponder key into ECM dump. Both methods didn’t work.
  • Put the key into the ignition, immo light will go off.
  • To synchronize ECU and Immo, short OBD2 pins 4 and 13 for 40 mins.
    • All lights will start blinking.
  • Ignition off. Jumper out. Start the car.


II. If keys are stored in the Immobilizer ECU

Mechanical Key Programming

  • Immobilizer ➱ Reset (15-20 minutes)
    • or Manual Reset
      • 📎 2001-2004 Toyota Prius
        • Take out the immobilizer box from above the steering column; lower the steering column and trace the wire from the key antenna.
        • Virginize Immobilizer ECU (93c66).
        • Put it back. Insert dealer key in. It should learn it automatically.
        • Synchronize Immo box and Hybrid ECU  (shorting OBDII pins 4 & 13 for 30 mins).
        • If security indicator blinks 2-2 (key is registered), perform automatic registration completion procedure
          • Turn the ignition switch from LOCK to ON 5 times within 10 secs. after inserting the already registered key or without pulling the key out.
  • Just insert the key and the car will start.
  • To close auto learning mode, insert the programmed key in and out 5 times.

Smart Key Programming

Immobilizer Key Code registration (when needed)
  1. Immobilizer ➱ Reset (15-20 minutes)
  2. After reset, immo will enter into key learning mode.
Smart Key Code registration
  1. Smart Access ➱  Reset Smart (15’ IS250, 14’ Prius …)
    • Enter password (when needed)
    • Make sure that Smart Key Lock-Out button  (under steering column) is in the out position (not depressed) (2004-2009 Prius)
    • If Smart Reset doesn’t work (2015 RX350)
      • Smart ECU ➱ erase all keys
      • ID Box ➱ virginize it
    • Wait 16 mins with the driver’s door open.
    • If registering the second key  (2014 Prius…)
      • Still need to perform Smart System Reset.
      • Register the new key first, then the original one.
  2. Program Smart Key.
    • Follow further screen instructions
  3. Turn Ignition ON.
    • You should be able to turn ignition on now, but If it doesn’t turn on
      1. Option 1. Manually supply power though the IGN1 and IGN2 relays, because the scanner would lose communication before programming.
        • 2004-2009 Prius IG2 fuse, IG1 Relay.
      2. Option 2. Press on the driver door switch every second to keep the Smart ECU awake.
  4. Smart Access Unit ➱ Synchronize ID Box with Steering Lock (when needed)
  5. Sync ECM with ID Box (needed when ID Box was virginized)
    • To synchronize, jump pin 4 and 13 at OBDII connector for 40 mins.
    • 2015 RX350
      • Do NOT attempt to start the vehicle now!
      • If you try to start without synchronizing, later synchronization might fail.
      • ECU may or may not have B2799 Immobilizer fault error.
      • ECU DATA -> Fuel-Cut Off might be ON. Engine starts for 1 seconds and dies. After that engine doesn’t start and might not synchronize.
  6. Done
    • Remote should be programmed now also.


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