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Radio is Not Working
  • Power
    • Blown fuse on the back of the radio
  • Circuit Protection
    • Shorted speaker wire
      • 📎 Radio Inoperative | 2011 Subaru Outback
        • One speaker wire was shorted to ground in the trunk, after being hit by the luggage, which didn’t let the radio to produce any sound, even for the un-shorted channels.
  • Extra Features
    • Speed-sensitive volume (higher speed – higher volume).
      • Incorrect radio can cause weird symptoms due to this feature.
  • Failed Components
    • Bad radio
    • Amplifier (standalone or built-in)
      • Stand alone amplifier might have a feedback wire to radio.
        • If you disconnect it, no sound will come out of the speakers (2011 Subaru Outback,  pink wire)


Testing Speaker Polarity
  • Briefly apply 1.5V to the speaker.
  • If speaker pushes inside – you have reverse polarity.
  • If speaker pushes outside – you have correct polarity.
  • Incorrect connection is out of phase and the result is often a noticeable lack of bass in the music.







📎 Blank Screen | Bad APIM | 2011 Ford Explorer
  • Bad Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM)
  • Common problem on Fords



Theft Locked (B1271)

Type 1. Global ‘A’ Vehicles (13’ Sonic, 11’ LaCrosse)
  • Radios in the new Global A platforms can’t be swapped out…this is right from GM and I have run into it on an Allure, a Malibu and a Cruze. There is no way of changing the VIN in them via TIS2WEB etc.
  • “Although the radio is not part of the vehicle theft prevention system, the radio does have its own theft protection. The radio theft deterrent system is intended to disable or limit radio funtionality if incorrect vehicle information is received by the radio. The radio disables functionality if the VIN information received by the radio does not match the VIN information that has been learned by the radio. A possible cause of incorrect VIN information could be that the radio was originally installed in another vehicle. The radio in Global A vehicles cannot be swapped due to the inability to alter the VIN in a radio once it has been learned.”


Type 2. MDI Unlock
  • Use MDI, not AVDI.
  • MDI → 2006 Chevy (‘W’) Monte Carlo LTZ → Body → Entertainment → Module Setup -> Radio (07’ GMC Yukon)
  • MDI → 2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx (‘Z’)  → Body → Entertainment → Module Setup → Radio (2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx)
    • Clearing VIN for Plug and Play Trick
      • The “Relearn VIN” function will wipe only the old VIN # from the radio and that long how after procedure you do not cycle you ignition off/on, the radio will not learn the new VIN. In this point radio may be disconnected and used on any another GM vehicle with matching OEM plugs. After installation to the new vehicle and on first ignition turn on radio will learn the new VIN number from the car (MHHAuto).
  • No sound after unlock
    • Checked input of audio to the AMP with a little speaker, all good. Replaced AMP. Tested all speakers through AMP diagnostics. All fine.
      • AllData claims AMP has to be programmed. Programmed using SPS. Still no sound.
    • Programmed Radio using appropriate RPO’s and that fixed the sound issue.
Type 3. EEPROM Work (2003 2004 GMC Sierra)
  • Read 9355093 as 24c08 (DK Link)
  • At the bottom of the file (locations vary) change the VIN, only last 6 numbers.
  • Popped the radio into the truck and works fine.



📎 No Sound | Bad MOST Transmitter | W163 (2004 ML 350 …)


Tele Aid Deactivation
  • DAS → Instrument Cluster  → control unit adaptations → Variant Coding (2005 Mercedes SL500, 2003 SL55…)


Toyota | Lexus

📎 MOST Bus Diagnostics | 2015 Lexus IS250

📎 Rear DVD Display Doesn’t Work | Needs Remote Control | 2005 Toyota Sequoia
  • Even though Rear DVD Display has its own buttons, without remote control it will not operate.
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