Acura | Honda

Active Damper System (ADS) Struts Bypass
  • When converting ADS struts to regular struts (usually much cheaper), place 2Ω 10W resistor inside each connector for ADS front struts to bypass the now missing electrical damper part.
    • Fixes the “7-9 active damper control unit internal circuit malfunction” code in the ADS unit and light on a dash (e.g. 2010 MDX)

Chrysler | Dodge | Jeep

Air Suspension
  • C2212 ECU in Plant Mode
    1. System is in in-plant mode. Use a scan tool to perform “Fill From Reservoir Routine”. Choose any one shock to fill. This should take it out of the in-plant mode.
    2. Clear the C2212-00 code. Now the air suspension should raise the vehicle after the engine is started. Keep all doors and lift gate closed.


  • 📎 Air Spring Solenoid Bypass | 2011 Ford Expedition
    • Installed aftermarket regular springs.
      • OEM had rear air suspension with an electrical solenoid built-in.
      • Aftermarket spring don’t have a solenoid.
    • VDM had codes about air springs solenoids.
    • Placed 6Ω / 50W resistor in each spring’s connector to bypass.
    • No more codes


  • 📎 OEM Shock Absorber Bypass | 2007 Cadillac XLR
    • Installed aftermarket regular springs.
      • OEM shock absorber had a built-in solenoid. Aftermarket don’t.
    • Placed 6Ω / 50W resistor in each spring’s connector to bypass.
    • No more codes.



Land Rover

Suspension Level Calibration Procedure

  • Note:  You need to have +-3mm precision (use a metric ruler).
    • If it will not go through calibration due to measurements errors, computer will store C1A00-control module fault and will be there until you go through calibration successfully.
  • Make sure that there are no codes stored in Ride Leveling Module.
  • Set a hight level to a ‘normal mode’ (middle indicator ON, others OFF)
  • Start a vehicle for 5 mins to make sure that air pump will pressurize the system to the required level.
  • Enter calibration through ‘Service Functions’.
    • Once procedure has been started, it has to be completed since it clears old values from the computer’s memory.
  • Computer will try to set a vehicle to specific height. Wait for 1-2 mins for it to complete.
  • Enter measurements in mm from the center of the wheel  to a fender arc
    • 378mm < measurement < 597mm
    • Land Rover Suspension Calibration Measurements
  • After 4 measurements has been entered, car will randomly change its height for you to take a second set of measurements.
  • After this step has been passed successfully, calibration should be complete.
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