(Locked) Subaru Toyota Airbag SRS Module Crash Reset Repair Service

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2020+ Subaru Toyota

RH850 Airbag SRS Module

Crash Reset Repair Service

Toyota Lexus Scion Subaru

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This service is for the CRASH DATA RESET on your Airbag SRS Module.

You will have to ship it to us for a reset.



  • Legacy 2020 – 2023
  • Outback 2020 – 2023
  • Crosstrek 2024
  • BRZ 2020 – 2023
  • Toyota GR86, GT86 2nd Gen. 2022->

Module part numbers:

  • 98221AN00A, 98221AN00B, 98221AN00C, 98221AN00D, 98221AN00E
  • 98221AN01A, 98221AN01B, 98221AN01C, 98221AN01D, 98221AN01E
  • 98221AN10A, 98221AN10B
  • 98221AN11A, 98221AN11B
  • 98221AN12A, 98221AN12B
  • 98221AN13A
  • 98221AN14A
  • 98221AN15A
  • 98221CC000, 98221CC001
  • 98221CC010
  • 98221CC050
  • 98221CC060
  • 98221CC070
  • 98221FN000

Important! BEFORE installing or removing your airbag control module

  1. ALWAYS disconnect a battery negative cable and
  2. WAIT for a few minutes
    • Airbag control module has a motion sensor (accelerometer) which detects the change in motion.
    • If you will try to remove or install an airbag module with the ignition on, this sensor can misinterpret control module movements as an accident event, and trigger airbag deployment! 






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