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Ford Body Control Module BCM Cloning Service

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Ford Body Control Module BCM

Cloning Service

Ford | Lincoln



This is a Body Control Module (BCM) Cloning Service for Ford / Lincoln vehicles.
  • We will copy all the information from your original BCM into the ➱ replacement BCM that you provide us with.
  • It is a plug and play service, i.e. no programming required such as As Build, PMI Programming, and Parameters Reset, as long as original BCM was already programmed to the car.


📧 Email Us Before Purchasing ❗️
  1. Photo of the original BCM with a part number
  2. Photo of the donor BCM with a part number
  3. Year/Make/Model of the car or VIN
  4. Explain why you need cloning

This information will help us to make sure that this service is for you.
Our address can be found here.


📦 You will need to ship:
  1. Original BCM
    • Original unit must not be ‘dead‘. In other words, it should communicate with the diagnostic device, otherwise cloning will not work.
  2. Donor BCM (used or brand new)
    • Donor BCM should have a matching part number with an original BCM.

You pay for the shipping.



Part Numbers:
  • FL3T-15604-DH (2015 – 2016 Ford F150)
  • CK4T-14B476-CL (2016 Ford Transit)
  • HU5T-15604 (2017 Ford F250)
  • JU5T-15604 (2018 F150) Plug & Play
  • DC3Z-15604-C, BC3Z-15604-B
  • EC3T-14B476-BA (F250, F350, 2014 F450, Explorer … )
  • AL3Z-15604-D
  • and many others

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