General Information

  • ➱  TPMS Reverse Engineering
  • Usually TPMS sensors transmit only every 60 to 90 seconds
  • Sensors usually aren’t required to send information until the vehicle is traveling at 25 mph or higher.
    • However, many sensors transmit even when a car is idle, and some transmit even when the car is off.
    • When auditing a stationary vehicle that’s powered off, be sure to send a wake-up signal (125kHz) to trigger a response from the TPMS.


Manufacturer-Specific Notes

Acura Honda

TPMS Sensor Programming
  • Program sensors using TPMS Programming Tools (see above)
    • If new sensor cannot be programmed, reduce tire pressure in that wheel to 5 psi and then inflate to specs. After that drive it for relearn to take place.
  • After programming, drive over 25mph for less than a minute.
    • TPMS sensors will start transmitting data and finish programming process.
  • 📎 U3000 TPMS Unit Internal Malfunction | 2016 RDX
    • Don’t replace TPMS Unit just yet
    • Could be caused by a weak battery
      • Reprogram TPMS Sensors and drive the vehicle
      • The TPMS light might turn off (2016 RDX)







  • 📎 C0569 System Configuration Error | 2008 Chevy HHR
    • After reprogramming tires, perform “Tire Pressure Selection” Function




TPMS Deactivation
  • Star ➱ Instrument Cluster ➱ Variant coding ➱  RDC
  • Set everything to “NOT PRESENT” (05′ S430, 04’ SL, 03’ SLK …).




  • If the TPMS sensor cannot be programmed, try jumping pins 4 & 13 for 30 seconds (per TSB) and after removing a jumper, try programming again (2007 Camry)
  • Cars with Main and Secondary switch (or menu option)
    • Program BOTH sets of tires
      • Note: If the main or 2nd tire set isn’t programmed, programming one tire set won’t turn off the light. You have to program both sets.
    • Use odometer settings to switch from main to 2nd and vice versa (2008 Is250)
    • Or use the main tire switch under the glove box (2008 RX350)




📎 TPMS Programming | 2008 Lexus RX350
  • Activate the system (without TPMS tool?)
    • Make sure that a button underneath the glove box is in the ‘Main’ mode.
    • Repeat this for each tire (including spare):
      • Turn IGN ON and within 30 seconds deflate the next tire by at least 6psi.
      • Turn IGN OFF.
  • Initialize the system
    • Press the TPMS reset button under the steering column and continue holding for 3 seconds after the IGN is turned ON.


VW Audi


  • Go to ABS ➱ Basic Settings ➱ Group 042
  • Press TPMS button (in glove box) and Traction OFF button simultaneously for 2 seconds
  • After that a short tone will sound
  • Press “Done, Go Back”
Disabling TPMS (🗣)
  • Select ➱ 17-Instruments ➱ Adaptation ➱ Channel 61.
  • Subtract 512 from whatever value you find there.


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